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Weight talk below

My mother told me that I had to lose weight, which is like, what else is new with her, but I was talking to my sister about it and she was like, “Yeah, I told her it was none of her business.” You know when that was? On my fucking wedding day. I have really had enough with her. Although quite frankly my sister likes to stir the pot too, so they can both go…sit in the corner, or whatever. 

  1. sequinedk said: I didn’t even know you had gotten married. Congrats!
  2. chiquorinha said: I don’t understand the motherly compulsion to make weight cracks on the wedding day. Bff’s ma did that to her & I about made mom soup outta her. Who does that?!
  3. ipsadixit said: if it matters any, I think you look beautiful in your wedding pictures.
  4. fridaphile posted this

world-class meshuggeneh cunt